Saturday, March 22, 2008

My Informant's family problems

This past tuesday I was hanging out with my informant talking with him and he tell me that his younger sister who is 17 years old went visit her aunt and never came home after he returned home that friday night. so I said to him you mean she tookoff so I asked him did she take any thing with her he said no everything was left as it was when she got up to go work that morning only to not return a few hours later. Then took a short braek . After the braek I asked him how he felt about the Situation with his not going to school and work he said that he was very upset and so was his mother that she would do something like this when she two months away from getting her GED. He also said that messing her life up and don't realize it at all. And she has not returned home as of friday march 14,2008.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Meeting With my informant this week

I'll be very interested in what we will be talking about this week.

Cancled Meeting With Informant

Do to the bad weather on friday my informant had cancled and I was unable to meet with him. However I did call him on sunday and he was not home at the time,but I will meet with him this week. Also he told me he just got a job last tuesday which he should have started already and I will findout more this week.

Sunday, February 10, 2008


I think my informant may be happy that I chose him to help me with this project. In a way he kind of looks up to me like you would an older brother and when he has questions about things he has come to me looking for help with answers, especially with school issues. Just last week he came to me with questions about college. He wanted to know about applying and financial and the like. He graduating in June and he's really seems interested in continuing his education which I'm very glad about.


I thought the film was pretty good. However, I didn't like the ending too much because I thought it left you kind of hanging in mid air and you don't really know what happened with Tracy. Other than the ending the movie was okay. The film brought to light what some teens have gone through and are going through in their lives today. Being an adolescent isn't an easy time. You can get confused as to just where you belong and the pressures can be great be it at home or, be it peer pressure. If you're not strong you can easily make mistakes that you will certainly regret later on in life.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Getting Starting

I got this blog created so my next step is to find a CI. I have a person in mind who is 18 so a consent form is not needed. I don't foresee any problem with this person being willing to participate. Actually I think he will be more than willing. I will know for sure when I get in touch with him. If there is a problem I'll just have to go to plan B.